Memorial Fund

The Penny Beale Memorial Fund is a registered charity set up to combat domestic violence. The constitution states its objectives as ” to preserve and protect the physical and mental health of persons who are or have been the victims of domestic violence and to advance the education of the public, including local authorities and voluntary bodies, by the provision of information, advice and training programs into the causes, remedies and prevention of domestic violence.”

The Memorial Fund is planning a series of DVDs to offer information to victims of domestic violence and individuals or organisations supporting them. The first DVD “Break the Silence” has already been produced and is now available (see home page). Follow up DVDs are being planned and we will update on this site as they become available.

Penny Beale Snr lives in Hastings, Southern England and is willing to give talks and show the DVD to any interested organisation if expenses are covered (travel and accommodation).

If you are the victim of domestic violence please go to our pages of useful contacts. You are not alone – help is available.

Advice. If you are suffering domestic violence and think that your attacker may check your internet activity, use a friend’s computer or go to the public library or an internet cafe. It is possible to clear your history pages by going to Internet Options, but it is difficult to remove all records and we would strongly advise you to use another computer if you are at all worried.

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Please support

If you are in the UK and prefer to send a cheque to save us Paypal fees, please post to;

Penny Beale Memorial Fund
44 Croft Road
East Sussex
TN34 3HE.

or click on the Paypal link below

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